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Electric Bikes

The staff at Action Watersports has seen a growing demand from yacht owners for folding bikes as well as electric bikes. These bikes are legal on all bike paths and no license is required. They are not only great commuting tools but are good for the environment and bikers have no parking problems. Bicyclists can arrive at work with no sweat.

Eco Friendly electric bikes make a great alternative to cars in busy Los Angeles with limited auto parking. Many of our bikes cost less than 3 cents a mile to operate so commuters are saving money as well as increasing health benefits.

Electric bikes make you want to go forever. They extend your range and give you the confidence to go places you would not attempt on a traditional bike. The added boost of an electric motor motivates you to go out on longer rides and get more exercise giving you more outdoor time, easy hill climbing and faster travel times.

The bike brands we carry are made in America creating US jobs and providing speedy reliable warranty service.

Come in and let the AWS staff share some of the excitement of this new sport and sign up for one of our electric bike demos. Click here…